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10 years of ProtoQSAR!

In this second issue of our newsletter, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary! On September 2012, our company was founded! Now, ten years later, we continue working to bring chemoinformatics and molecular modelling to everyone, helping to obtain more reliable, economical, and faster results and also replacing animal testing. During this time, our company has grown, and our team is now composed by 16 people. We have participated in more than 30 projects (including European, national and regional funding), with half currently active, and we have published 20 scientific articles.

On the occasion of this event, we have prepared different actions to celebrate it. We will give you more information soon, so….

Stay tuned!

We present ProtoREACH.

ProtoREACH is a module of our computational platform ProtoPRED for predicting properties of molecules based on their chemical structure, specially focused on REACH, a EU regulation adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment. ProtoREACH predicts the physicochemical, toxicological, and ecotoxicological properties of molecules requested by the different annexes (VII to X) of the REACH regulation.

Our team has participated in the European Researchers Night!

On September 30th, our researchers Salvador Moncho and José Luis Vallés participated in the European corner of the MEDNIGHT event in Valencia. At this event, they presented their projects #NanoQSAR (about property prediction of nanomaterials) and #GenoQSAR (about predicting DNA toxicity of different chemicals).

Equipo ProtoQSAR

ProtoQSAR hits the road again!

Our team has participated in different congresses with poster presentations and scientific talks in the past months. Here, we summed up the presentations of our team!

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