Webinar: Use of ProtoPRED for in silico risk assessment under REACH and ICH M7

You can check our recently released webinar “Use of ProtoPRED for in silico risk assessment under REACH and ICH M7”.

In this webinar, we discuss the applications of our computational tool ProtoPRED, with a special focus on the ProtoREACH and ProtoICH modules.

  • ProtoREACH is a computational tool specifically focused on REACH, a European Union regulation adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.
  • ProtoICH is a computational tool designed to predict the mutagenicity of compounds, accomplishing strict adherence to the ICH-M7 guideline, the official international regulation adopted to limit the potential carcinogenic risk of impurities in pharmaceuticals.

ProtoPRED allows you to predict the mutagenicity (ProtoICH) and a full suite of physico-chemical, toxicological, and ecotoxicological properties (ProtoREACH) of organic molecules (e.g. drugs, cosmetics ingredients, etc.).

The ProtoPRED platform shows a very interesting array of advantages:

  • it’s valid for regulatory purposes
  • it’s user-friendly
  • it includes many robust computational QSAR models (nearly full suite of REACH endpoints)
  • it provides a QMRF file for each model
  • it provides a QPRF file for each prediction

[VIDEO]  -> https://youtu.be/s5GMMLdeqYE

ProtoQSAR is a company specializing since 2012 in the design and optimization of compounds through QSAR modelling and AI-powered molecular modelling.

Our experience is upheld by more than 80 scientific publications as well as participation in more than 25 national, European, and international projects. Our technology can be used in many areas, including drug discovery and development, veterinary, cosmetic, agrochemical, functional food, and more.

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