A summer filled with scientific events

At ProtoQSAR, we are dedicated to innovation and progress in the field of computational chemistry and toxicology. This summer, our researchers have distinguished themselves at various scientific events, sharing their knowledge and showcasing our latest projects. From the Summer School of the Spanish Society of Therapeutic Chemistry to the EUROPIN Congress in Vienna and beyond, ProtoQSAR has been at the forefront of scientific action.

Laureano E. Carpio at the Summer School of the Spanish Society of Therapeutic Chemistry:

We commenced the summer with our Ph.D. student, Laureano E. Carpio, who attended the Summer School organized by the Spanish Society of Therapeutic Chemistry. During this event, Laureano presented our PANACHE project, both in an oral presentation and poster format.

Salvador Moncho at the EUROPIN Congress in Vienna:

Our senior researcher, Salvador Moncho, traveled to Vienna after the summer to participate in the EUROPIN summer school focused on drug design. At this congress, Salvador not only expanded his knowledge but also presented a poster on our tool ProtoPRED. Attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the utility of ProtoPRED and its application.

Eva Serrano and Simón Perera at EUROTOX in Ljubljana:

During the same period, our CTO, Eva Serrano, and our BD Manager, Simón Perera del Rosario, attended EUROTOX in Ljubljana. Both presented a poster: Eva on GenoITS, a new module of ProtoPRED focused on genotoxicity, and Simón on ProtoAquaTox, our tool specialized in predicting toxicity in aquatic environments. Their presentations emphasized the importance of chemical safety in diverse settings.

Simón Perera and Martina Palomino at BIOSPAIN in Barcelona:

Simón Perera and Martina Palomino continued by attending BIOSPAIN in Barcelona. During this event, they had the opportunity to delve into the latest developments in the biotechnological sector in Spain, establish valuable contacts, and explore collaboration opportunities. This exchange was crucial for staying updated and connected in the world of biotechnology.

Martina Palomino at the World Mycotoxins Forum in Antwerp:

Finally, our senior researcher, Martina Palomino, stood out by giving a talk at the World Mycotoxins Conference in Antwerp. During her presentation, Martina shared valuable information about MicotoXilico, our database containing predictions of different toxicological properties, such as mutagenicity and carcinogenicity of mycotoxins. This highlighted the importance of our contribution to food safety and public health protection.

At ProtoQSAR, our commitment to cutting-edge research and collaboration in the scientific community is evident through our researchers’ participation in high-level events. These events not only allowed our experts to share their knowledge and expertise but also strengthened our position as leaders in therapeutic chemistry and computational toxicology. We eagerly look forward to advancing further and sharing our work with the scientific community in upcoming events.