The SiToLub project begins

The SiToLub project begins: designing safe and sustainable lubricants for the future

The beginning of this year is marked by the commencement of various projects. Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the SiToLub project, an innovative initiative with a clear focus on the safe and sustainable formulation of lubricants for the future.

What does the SiToLub Project consist of?

The SiToLub project aims to develop a digital tool/platform for the safe and sustainable formulation of new lubricants. This tool will not only provide safety assessments for humans and the environment but also offer guidance in creating eco-friendly fluids such as coolants, greases, and oils. The vision is clear: to design products that are safe and sustainable from the outset, considering both physicochemical properties and tribological performance.

Safety assessment will be conducted using advanced QSAR models developed by the project partners. Tribological models will not only predict energy consumption during use but also provide information on the expected durability of materials and fluid degradation in use, considering various applications such as wind turbines, electric vehicles, and aquatic systems.

The SiToLub project is not just an isolated initiative; it aims to collaborate closely with already funded European projects. Among them, we highlight our collaborations with i-Tribomat (H2020 G.A. 814494), OntoCommons (H2020 G.A. 958371), and IRISS (HORIZON EUROPE G.A. 101058245) – leading projects in creating tribology observatories, data standardization, and promotion of safe and sustainable materials.

 The kick off meeting at the Tekniker headquarters (Eibar, Spain)

At this outset, we can now report that the launch meeting of the SiToLub project took place at the Tekniker headquarters in Eibar, Spain. Our senior researcher, Salvador Moncho, and our BD Manager, Simón Perera, represented ProtoQSAR in this initial gathering. They had the opportunity to present the tasks that ProtoQSAR will undertake within the project and actively collaborate with other partners to discuss future actions.

At ProtoQSAR, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work on the SiToLub project. We are committed to the vision of a future where lubricants are not only efficient in their performance but also safe and sustainable from their conception.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme (innovation action) under grant agreement No. 101138807.