Advanced data analysis system for the Chemical Formulation of Products in the cosmetics sector (saFQP)

The saFQP project has been partially funded by the Valencian Institute of Economy and Competitiveness (IVACE), within its program of support for cooperation R&D projects “PIDCOP-CV”, corresponding to the 2018 call. In addition, the project has been co-financed by the FEDER Funds, within the FEDER Operational Program of the Community 2020.

ProtoQSAR participates in the project “Advanced data analysis system for the Chemical Formulation of Products in the cosmetics sector (saFQP)”, in collaboration with the Valencian company RNB Cosméticos, and with the support of the Technological Institute of Informatics (ITI) and the Technological Institute of Plastic (AIMPLAS).


The project focuses on the development and validation of knowledge and technologies in the domain of Big Data and Machine Learning, necessary for the improvement of the process of chemical formulation of products in the cosmetics sector. To this end, and to respond to the challenges of competitiveness that the transition to the current Industry 4.0 model entails, an Advanced System for the Chemical Formulation of Products (saFQP) will be built and validated.

According to Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council of November 30, 2009 on cosmetic products (Off. J. Eur. Union, L 342: 59-209) the commercialization of cosmetic products and their ingredients is banned in the EU if these products have been tested on animals. In this regard, the saFQP project presents a high degree of technological novelty, as it integrates innovative QSAR models applicable to the prediction of skin and eye irritation, offering a new product to companies interested in the generation of new cosmetic formulations and acceptance by the authority on the safety of the materials they manufacture.

Therefore, through the construction of statistical models for the automatic classification of documents and simulation of chemical formulation processes, a tool to support decision-making in the design of new cosmetic products will be obtained, reducing barriers and allowing to be most competitive in a global world with rapid and continuous changes.


RNB Cosméticos


2018 – 2019

Financing entities

Project file: IMIDCA / 2018/19

Funding budget: € 77,492.40

Grant awarded: € 42,495.82

Fondos FEDER UE - Generalitat Valenciana - IVACE