ProtoQSAR interview in “La Razón”

The computational methods designed and applied by ProtoQSAR have been briefly presented by Rafael Gozalbes in an interview for the supplement “Atusalvd” (published weekly by La Razón) in its January 14 issue.

In this interview the advantages of computer chemistry are mentioned, especially concerning the saving of time, money and resources for companies using these services. Furthermore, the computational methods are available for all sectors of chemistry, from cosmetics or agrochemicals to the development of new drugs.

Another very relevant point discussed is the social impact of the chemoinformatics, thanks to the reduction of the tests with animals implied by the use of the traditional laboratory techniques, as well as the environmental advantages.

Finally, the granting of the NEOTEC aid has also been addressed, given the high technological and innovative component that is required to obtain it. The impact it entails for the beneficiary companies, both from the commercial point of view and the business development, were also mentioned.

The interview is available in the attached pdf, and the full “Atvsalud” supplement of January 14.

ProtoQSAR La Razón