ProtoQSAR participates in the project “Advanced web tools to promote the application of nanotechnology and safe use of nanomaterials in the plastic industry (NanoDesk)” in the context of the InterregSudoe Program of the European Union.



The project aims to improve the competitiveness of the more than 6,500 companies of the plastic sector in south-western Europe, solving the current barriers to investment in nanotechnology. To do this, NanoDesk focuses on the promotion of nanotechnology as an essential asset for the development of new plastics with high added value. The main tool developed by the project will be the NanoDesk platform, where free access web tools will be integrated to guide the industrials in the selection of specific types of nanomaterials. The participation of ProtoQSAR consists in the development of computational models for the effective evaluation of the risks of these materials for health and the environment.


ProtoQSAR will develop this project together with an international consortium:



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