European night of researchers

ProtoQSAR participates in the European researchers’ night.

Last Friday, September 30, the European researchers’ night was celebrated. On the occasion of this celebration, our researchers Salvador Moncho Escrivà and José Luís Vallés Pardo participated in the Mediterranean night of the MEDNIGHT researchers.

This initiative, organized by scientific institutions in the Mediterranean area, organized different activities to celebrate this event, disseminating research carried out in the Mediterranean area.

Our researchers specifically participated in the “European Corner” activity, where projects financed by the European Commission in different areas such as health or the environment were exhibited.

Two of our projects were exhibited at this event:

  • The MSCA-IF project NanoQSAR consists of developing QSAR computational models to predict the toxicity, environmental effects, and other physicochemical properties of nanomaterials.

  • The MSCA-IF project GenoQSAR, on the other hand, focuses on developing these QSAR models to predict the genotoxic properties of chemical compounds that allow better screening of compounds present in new materials.

It has been an exciting event to talk about our work, and we are very grateful to the event’s organization for allowing us to spread our work. See you again next year at MEDNIGHT!