Obtention of SME Instrument grant

ProtoQSAR is selected in the latest SME Instrument call of the European Commission

The project “QSAR computational models’ self-using platform for EC Regulation-REACH (QSAREACH)” presented by our company to the last call of the SME Instrument program has been one of those selected by the European Commission. We will be granted to carry out a feasibility study of our project, with the final objective of developing a novel computational tool and introducing it into the market.

Under the Horizon 2020 program, the European Commission is encouraging the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in research and development projects in innovative fields such as life sciences and health, ICT, or engineering. One of the financing programs implemented is the SME Instrument, which consists of three phases: i) Phase 1 finances the technical and economic viability studies of each project; ii) later, in phase 2, each project can receive between half million and 2.5 million euros to finance tests or pilot projects, among other activities. In addition, selected companies can also benefit from free of specialized business technical advice; iii) finally, in phase 3, access to private capital is facilitated and the commercialization is supported. The SME Instrument has become a fundamental element of the pilot program of the European Innovation Council (EIC) to finance innovative projects or radically new and leading business models that promote new markets.

Our QSAREACH project proposes as a solution a proprietary tool that replaces animal tests with computer models (QSARs), thus representing significant savings in time, resources and money. With this tool, customers and end users can evaluate the risk of their chemicals in a simple and fast way with our predictive models, and if necessary, replace the most dangerous substances with alternatives of less toxicological impact for human health and the environment.