protoqsar epicThe project “Exploiting protein complexes that induce cell death (EPIC)” is financed by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA), specifically within the “Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)” program. MSCA-RISE is an initiative of the European Commission (EC) to promote exchanges of research and innovation personnel between academic and non-academic entities, and the development of projects of scientific excellence.


The EPIC project brings together researchers in the fields of programmed cell death, pharmacology, robotic screening, structural biology and chemistry of natural products in a network of exchange of technologies and knowledge. The objective of the project is the identification of new mechanisms of investigation of programmed cell death processes involved in human diseases (apoptosis and necroptosis). These searches could imply the development of new molecules that can affect the protein complexes of cell death (apoptosome and necrosome), and have a therapeutic efficacy in fields such as inflammation, neurodegenerative diseases or cancer.


ProtoQSAR is the only SME in the EPIC project. The participating academic entities are the following:



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