The company

ProtoQSAR is a company founded in 2012, with corporate address in Valencia and offices located in the European Center of Innovative Enterprises (CEEI) at the Technological Park of Paterna (Valencia).

Our activity consists in the development and application of computational methods for the evaluation of physicochemical, biological and/or (eco)toxicological properties of chemicals, either of natural origin or synthesized. Our computer tools allow us to work in a “virtual” environment, which has the following advantages over traditional laboratory tests:

  • Fast results: our methods reduce the time needed with in vitro and in vivo tests, thanks to its easy and immediate applicability to thousands of chemical structures, something impossible to perform experimentally.
  • Saving of material and financial resources, avoiding the costs associated with experimentation, both personal and laboratory equipment.
  • Limitation of animal testing (3Rs), which have to be performed only as a last resort, when no other scientifically reliable ways to demonstrate the impact of chemicals on humans and/or the ecosystem are available.
  • Regulatory validity: we help to comply with European directives for the registration and labeling of compounds (REACH, CLP, cosmetics, phytosanitary, etc.) and standards such as those set out in the ICH guidelines on impurities of pharmaceutical products. European legislation not only authorizes computational techniques as valid legal alternatives, but also encourages and stimulates them by the undoubted advantages they represent.

We work on very different kind of projects, because our technology can be used in different areas such as pharmacy, veterinary, cosmetic, agrochemical, functional food, etc.

We belong to (or collaborate with) various scientific and professional associations: