The start of the CheMatSustain project: innovation to assess the safety and sustainability of chemical substances in the European Union

We are thrilled to announce the official kickoff of the CheMatSustain project! At ProtoQSAR, we are delighted to share that we are part of a new project funded by the European Union: CheMatSustain. This project aims to implement innovative methods to assess the safety and sustainability of chemical substances, especially at the nano level, in the European Union.

Description of the CheMatSustain Project

The Chemical Sustainability Strategy (CSS) has been adopted with the goal of addressing the challenge of producing and using chemicals within planetary boundaries while safeguarding people and ecosystems. In this context, CheMatSustain aims to develop new methods to enhance safety and sustainability assessments of chemicals, particularly at the nano level.

The project addresses quantum effects from a fundamental perspective through DFT, complemented by experimental techniques such as high-resolution analysis, XPS, and UPS. Additionally, specific molecular recognition through interactions with the environment will be explored using in vitro models, in vitro and in vivo microfluidics, proteomics, and transcriptomics.

Kick off meeting in Hamburg, Germany

We are pleased to share that on January 25th and 26th, we participated in the launch meeting of the project held in Hamburg, Germany. It was an enriching experience where we had the opportunity to meet our consortium partners, present the activities we will undertake, plan future strategies, and delve into the fascinating world of safety and sustainability assessments at the nano level.

Over the 48-month duration, with 10 scientific partners from 7 different EU countries and coordination led by the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, the CheMatSustain consortium embarks on an ambitious mission. We are eager to contribute to the development of new in silico models and methodologies that enhance the criteria for Safe and Sustainable Design.