The EU-funded project BIO-SUSHY has just kicked off its efforts towards a sustainable future in surface protection. The project aims to develop alternative surface coatings that replace PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), a widely used but environmentally damaging group of substances.

Our CTO, Eva Serrano, and our International Project Manager, Patricia Serrano, recently attended the kick-off meeting in Mons, Belgium. This meeting brought together the consortium members to plan the next steps for achieving the project goals.

Over the next four years, the BIO-SUSHY project will focus on the development of sustainable surface protection through the use of glass-like hybrid and biomaterial coatings. These coatings have the potential to replace PFAS in a range of applications, including consumer products, textiles, and industrial processes.

The use of PFAS has become increasingly controversial in recent years due to its negative impact on the environment and human health. It is commonly found in products such as non-stick cookware, waterproof clothing, and firefighting foam. PFAS are known to persist in the environment and accumulate in living organisms, causing a range of adverse effects.

The BIO-SUSHY project aims to address this issue by developing sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to PFAS. By using glass-like hybrid and biomaterial coatings, the project hopes to provide a more sustainable solution to surface protection that can be used across a range of industries.

This kick-off meeting in Mons, Belgium, marked the beginning of an exciting journey for the BIO-SUSHY project. Over the next four years, the project will work towards developing a more sustainable future for surface protection. The project hopes to provide a more environmentally friendly solution that benefits both people and the planet.